Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson is a talented graphic illustrator, and animator, as well as the Creative Director here at Barnhouse. Hailing from rural Pennsylvania and graduating from the prestigious University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Lee has lent his skills to such powerhouses as Sub Pop, Netflix, the American Heart Association, and Goliath Games. In his spare time, Lee teaches local kids the finer points of comic storytelling and illustration.

Meghan Luna

Meghan Luna, is a 2D animator and illustrator. She got her BFA in animation at The University of the Arts in 2016. Since then, she has worked on several animated projects, some that have gotten on Netflix and HBO. She’s done character design work for podcasts, and storyboarded for live-action film. Meg is great at designing unique characters and loves using standout color palettes. She also loves encouraging her friends and helping them develop their talents and dreams.

Anthony Alfonso

Anthony excels at illustration and graphic design. With a strong embracing of film noir and and traditional comedy, Anthony’s vivid works not only build a world and tell a story, but create visual masterpieces that can make you laugh and take you to a new space. Being a versatile storyboard artist, background, and concept artist. His ability to adapt his styles to a projects need, and his strong attention to detail make him a valued member to the Barnhouse.

Tim Martin

Tim Martin graduated from The University of the Arts with a BFA in Multimedia and a minor in Animation in 2015. His skills include video production, hand drawn animations, website design, music production, screen printing, and sewing. Passionate and Transparent, Tim aims to create in an approachable and caring way. His voice is one of thought and intention. Whatever the project, Tim always puts his heart, energy and positivity into his roll.

Elane Sledge

Elane Sledge is a graduate of University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in Art History and a background in business management. She is a member of the Baltimore, Philly gaming circuit and can often be found networking or vending there. She enjoys illustration, building ideas, and brings both of those passions to the table for every project.

Mark Pappajohn

Mark Pappajohn is an accomplished artist and 2D animator with a background in comedy and film history. After graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he found a fan following from his web cartoons and his featured works in film festivals such as: San Antonio Fantastic Film Slam, Open World Animation Fest, and Ozark Shorts Fest. His solid work as a draftsman and animator paired with his comedic timing and strong understanding of pop culture are what bring life to his work and make him a beloved member of the team.

Mike Green

Mike Green is a keystone member of Barnhouse who grew up in Southwest Philadelphia, PA. There, he was exposed to an enviroment of urban bustle while developing multicultural roots. Mike was influenced by television cartoons & animated films at his earliest moments of consciousness, which later brought him to graduate from The University of the Arts (Philadelphia) with a BFA in Fine Arts in Animation.